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We use our substantial trading experience to develop our new traders and help them understand, analyse and trade in today’s global financial markets. Our unique trader development programmes have allowed us to build a team of traders who trade for the company managing their risk and exposure across multiple asset classes.

Career Traders backed by Amplify Trading

Learn to trade with Amplify’s flagship career programme; the benchmark in the financial industry for developing new trading talent. For two months traders follow an intense and structured programme covering macro fundamentals, trading strategies, technical analysis and trading psychology. In the third month traders are moved onto the live market, trading up to 10 different products at any one time, fully backed by Amplify Trading. As soon as traders go live they are eligible to receive 60% of the account each month. Traders that finish the third month of the programme with a positive live account will continue to be backed by the firm as we look to increase their size and exposure as Amplify Traders. Career traders are allocated their own state-of-the-art desk on our trading floor next to the Bank of England in London for the full three months of the programme.

Surrounded by our experienced team providing personal training and support, our career traders receive every possible advantage to be successful in this competitive industry.

Due to high demand in-house availability for this programme is limited. Keeping the group sizes tight allows us to maintain the quality for which we are renowned, please register below at your earliest convenience to secure your place. For full details please review the brochure.

This intense and structured programme is delivered with the utmost degree of professionalism, suitable to those committed to developing as institutional traders.


Learn to Trade with Amplify Trading Courses London & Trading Internships supported by company funds. Benefit from a unique training course

Career traders follow an intensive training schedule before trading a fully funded account

Gain an invaluable practical experience in financial markets

Open only to current students and graduates within one year, our trading internship programme gives any student looking to work in finance an incomparable competitive advantage within the financial industry. On this two month programme you will gain front desk experience applicable to a wide variety of roles within a global bank or fund management firm including research, analyst, sales, sales trading, asset management, risk management and trading.

Amplify Trading runs many of the largest global investment graduate trading internship programmes and this experience will make a significant impact to any CV.  Many of those institutions now actively seek candidates that have benefited from the front desk experience delivered by us.

Our interns work closely with the Amplify team as they apply and manage multi-asset class strategies during major market news and events. Current students are encouraged to secure their place on our trading internship programme for the summer months of 2016 as these dates are likely to be over-subscribed.


Amplify's Trading Internships Programme

Amplify interns gain invaluable front desk experience with our trading internships programme


We take pride in the impact our trading internships have on the future career of our candidates.  Through our network and the personal career support given to each candidate we significantly improve their competitive advantage in the financial industry. Below are just some of the emails received in recent months; finding out how well our trainees get on after the programme is the highlight for any of the team that work with the intern trainees.

Taking your course has helped me to manifest my goal to work as a Trading COO…I’ve just landed a new role at Standard Chartered here in London working for the Head of Sales & Trading… Your course was the missing piece of the jigsaw…Thank you! It worked! Amplify Trading Alumni – Charlotte Eaton, May 2015

I would like to let you know that I’ve been offered a summer internship at Bank of America Merrill Lynch for 2016 within Global Markets… The advice, opportunities and training that you and the guys provided last summer will forever be invaluable to me and my career. I have recommended the Trading internships course at Amplify Trading to all my friends interested in the field – Amplify Trading Summer Intern – Dhinta Josslyn, April 2015 

I hope this email finds you well! Just wanted to let you know that I have received an offer for an internship at Nomura this summer. I have taken a slight change of direction since Amplify (now interning in Research), but the Amplify experience still provides great talking points in interviews! Amplify Trading Alumni – Angus Milne, April 2015

It goes without saying that I would not have been able to secure my position as Market Maker if it was not for the experience I gained at Amplify.  Having graduated with a 2:2 I knew securing a job in London and in finance would be a challenge. I leave feeling extremely proud of what I have done and what I have been able to achieve with the experience I have gained from Amplify. – Amplify Trading Alumni – Daniel Chew, March 2015 

I received an offer in December to work for the Bank of England in their new PRA division. In the interview process I spoke in depth about my time at Amplify and I would like to thank you personally for all your help this summer. Everyone that I have spoken to who has completed the internship at Amplify are always so positive about the experience, you should be very proud of your work and the team you have around you. –Amplify Trading Intern, Elliot Jones, February 2015 

Shorter courses: We have extended our market leading approach to trader development to short, intense programmes. There is no substitute for time in front of the screen but through our short courses new traders can still benefit from our high quality training to then use as a platform to further develop their success. The core concepts in our longer courses are introduced and all candidates continue to have access to our systems and support after the course to continue to apply the methods taught.

All short course fees are fully re-reimbursed should a candidate enroll onto the flagship Career Programme at any time in the future.

Short Course

Short courses take place on our trading floor, delivered by our Head of Trading Piers Curran



This is a practical one day course, delivered by Piers Curran, aims to deliver a comprehensive fundamental understanding of today’s financial market drivers. Participants will be brought up to speed with how to trade today’s market volatility and deal with events such as monetary policy divergence, the global commodity price crisis and the impact of Chinese economic risk and the market volatility it creates.
We will be using our unique app ReTrader throughout the day to introduce practical elements to the training and to facilitate the learning process by enabling participants to go back and retrade previous market events triggered by macro news flow. Price £250 inc vat.


Over five days, core theoretical concepts taught are then applied, in real-time, by each candidate on their own multi-screen trading desk, surrounded by our experienced traders.  Executing across all assets in live market prices using our institutional trading software, this intense week offers a unique insight into operating as a professional trader.

The one week full time courses are run at the start of each month, please view the registration tab below for dates. Price: £950 + vat.

Progression of an Amplify Career Trader




In-house traders are based full time on our London trading floor

Amplify Traders can either follow the programme from our trading floor in London or from their own location through a hybrid option.  For the first week of theory training all traders in-house and hybrid traders are invited to our training facility (these lectures are recorded for traders who cannot come to London).

In-house traders then move to their trading desks for the duration of the programme and hybrid traders join the trading room through our communication platform from their own location. All systems and software can be installed on the hybrid traders own PC and using our unique communication platform the experience copies closely what a trader would experience in house, including personal mentorship and support. All lecture material and teaching content is delivered through this communication room.

Hybrid traders will be invited to regular in-house activities in London should they be able to attend.

An example of how a hybrid trader would be connected to the trading floor whilst they manage their own trades can be seen below:

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Career Programme Hybrid:  Total price per month is £1050 (ex. VAT). Career Programme Trading Desk: Total price per month is £1600 (ex. VAT). Trainees can meet this cost by committing to one month at a time only.

Pressing continue above will take you to a secure site to make this deposit and confirm your place.  This deposit will be taken off the first month payment due 3 weeks prior to your course start date.

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Hybrid Internship: Total price per month is £950 (ex.VAT). In-house Internship: Total price per month is £1400 (ex.VAT)* Trainees can meet this cost by committing to one month at a time should they wish. *Subject to availability

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One day cost £250 inc vat.

One week full-time programme cost £950 + vat.

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Graduate trading internships for Bank of America
Graduate trading internships for HSBC
Graduate trading internships for CITI
I joined Amplify to fulfill my long term dream to trade. Throughout the intense programme I learned how to understand what fundamental factors drive price activity.  I traded US and German government bonds with Amplify before then trading credit with HSBC. HSBC Global banking and Markets

CREDIT TRADING, Yana Pankratova

Gold star recommendation. Absolutely perfect for people wanting to kick off their career in trading. Your given huge exposure to markets and learn a lot about yourself as a trader i.e. your own psychology. Its super intensive, great fun, learn lots, probably the best foundation to have for self confidence as a aspiring trader. FX Trader

Independent , Denis Sepelev

An amazingly top end training programme suitable for any individual who really wants to get the grips of the Financial Markets and learn how to make money trading. In short, the course has thought me how to apply all the economic data that surrounds the markets on a daily basis in order to appropriately trade different asset classes by using a number of professional technical tools and indicators. Great environment, great team, great time!! Alumni Oil

Marion Marincat

This is a great course for anyone willing to understand how global markets work. You will learn how to perform technical analysis as well as use economic indicators to support your trading decisions. You would also learn how to apply fundamental risk management techniques to your daily trading. Both Will and Piers are always available for questions and support. Overall excellent course! Bank of America

Enterprise Stress Testing VP , Eva Ignatova

The course has been amazing. I have learnt an enormous amount in only two months. Everyone was really friendly and great at teaching the fundamental and technical analysis. The team at Amplify with their years of experience help support and develop you into a more profitable trader and to achieve your targets using the cutting edge technology and platforms provided. Thank you everyone for your support, you were all amazing. Morgan Stanley

Sales and Trading, Chloe Ellis

I would highly recommend this course. You will learn how to trade Equities and FX Futures contracts and gain exposure to the world of prop trading. You will learn how to use both fundamental and technical tools in order to make an informed decision on whether to take short or long positions, whilst being able to manage downside risk prudently. If you want to be a trader, THIS is the perfect course! PWC

Associate, Guneet Kahai

This a superb programme and I cant recommend it highly enough. The Amplify team are extremely professional, conscientious and make understanding the necessary information as easy as it can be in serious working environment.Well worth getting involved with Amplify, I dont know of another outfit in Europe that offers a similar type of experience and professional steppingstone. Oil & Gas Recruitment

Founder, Damian Snee

A really good programme in which I learned a lot about the movements of the market and the dynamics of trading. Would recommend to anyone looking to get a career in banking or finance and with such a helpful and friendly atmosphere it is a great environment to learn in. Economic Analyst

Monitor, Michael Hill

Career Development Program is ideal for those who wants to expirience Prop Trading for themselves with the Senior Traders who holding your hand throughout the course. Youd be challenged to work in frequently updated data environment and learn understanding the impact of data on market prices. The art of combining the knowledge of fundamental and technical analysis. I recently completed CDP with Amplify Trading and must highlight that it adds value to my CV. Tremendous experience! Highly recommended! LLM

Director, Evgenia Badma

What experience do I need to start to trade with Amplify?

Our intensive training assumes the trader has limited prior direct market experience. However, because our traders trade our funds, we work hard to make sure core financial market theory is clearly understood as the trader is taken through the programme.

Content starts by covering some of the key basics before moving quickly onto more advanced fundamental analysis and trading strategies.

How can I know if I will succeed as a professional trader?
Intraday trading can provide significant challenges, which is reflected by the scale of the potential rewards for those that can succeed. Amplify Trading provides intense one-on-one support and mentoring from experienced traders that can help new traders overcome these challenges and make the most of the opportunity to trade a company funded account.
Can I trade on the trading floor?

Yes, absolutely. All our in house traders are based full time on their own state-of-the-art trading desk in the heart of the City of London.

Why trade a company funded account?

Trading futures provides leverage that greatly increases exposure to a trader’s position. This exposure necessitates financial margin requirements that very quickly run into tens of thousands of pounds, all margin requirements will be provided by Amplify Trading to allow our traders to increase their size and exposure as they progress.

What can I do to prepare before my start?

In the two months prior to your start Amplify Trading will be sending you daily market research and analysis from our own team of anaylsts here, as well as leading third party financial institutions.  You will be encouraged to try and read through what you can to start to digest terminology and strategy. You will also be sent by email a number of book in pdf format that we give as recommended reading.

We trade contemporary financial market events so the more you can expose yourself to relevant financial market news the better. Of course, once you start you will have access to all the news from leading providers including Bloomberg and Reuters. In the meantime the below links may be useful: