Discover our renowned ‘City Prep’ Training Course

Amplify Trading have created a five day practical programme that will give school leavers or first-year undergraduates a significant competitive advantage in the financial industry.  Based on a multi-screen trading desk in the centre of the City of London candidates will receive an unforgettable introduction to the financial industry. From sales and trading, to asset management and hedge fund trading, candidates progress through each day receiving a new experience and a fundamental stepping stone to securing their most suitable path to a career in finance. See how this industry recognised experience has Amplify’d careers in finance HERE.



Download brochure to learn more


Download brochure to learn more


Stories from our City Prep Traders

City Prep

  • A unique practical insight into the financial industry
  • Different roles each day using Amplify’s world class simulations
  • Investment bank sales and trading, asset management and hedge fund trading
  • Spend the final day with Amplify maximising your CV


Training the world’s largest institution


“The institutional roles in which I interviewed for were fully aware of Amplify and the quality of training that I received so it acted as a great catalyst to discuss throughout the interview process.”

Davide Kotlar



“The internship experience at Amplify was incredibly useful in a number of ways. It definitely helped to bridge a clear gap between academic economics and what happens in real life.”

Dhinta Foster

Bank of America Merrill Lynch


“I have learned everything I know about finance and trading at Amplify, I turned up knowing absolutely nothing.”

Laurent McClintock

Proprietary trader