An award-winning approach to trader development

In 2016 we created an opportunity for candidates to benefit from our renowned training in shorter, more convenient courses. Learn with us over five days on the trading floor in the City of London. For students, our City Prep week training programme is a great value and high impact way to enter the industry.

All short course fees are fully re-reimbursed should a candidate enrol onto the flagship in-house Career Programme at any time in the future.

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Intensive One-week Trading Course

  • Intensive five-day programme covering all major aspects of trading
  • A new asset class introduced each day
  • Executing across all assets in LIVE market prices
  • Based on a trading desk in the City of London
  • Operate as a professional trader for just £950 ex Vat


Training the world’s largest institution



“The institutional roles in which I interviewed for were fully aware of Amplify and the quality of training that I received so it acted as a great catalyst to discuss throughout the interview process.”

Davide Kotlar



“The internship experience at Amplify was incredibly useful in a number of ways. It definitely helped to bridge a clear gap between academic economics and what happens in real life.”

Dhinta Foster

Bank of America Merrill Lynch


“I have learned everything I know about finance and trading at Amplify, I turned up knowing absolutely nothing.”

Laurent McClintock

Proprietary trader