What programme did you do with Amplify?

I took part in the ‘Summer Internship Program’. I spent two weeks attending practical lessons on trade execution, technical analysis, fundamentals and the psychology of trading. I then progressed to trading my own account, under the close supervision of the team. My performance was monitored and feedback was provided on a frequent basis that helped me quickly learn and improve. I also received extremely useful networking and CV building workshops from industry experts. Having access to a wealth of knowledge and different expertise made for an all-round fantastic experience from day one.

What was the highlight of the summer internship training programme?

Overall it was an extremely engaging way of gaining insight into trading and financial markets. The structure of the programme was extremely well balanced as it provided real time intra-day trading experiences and exposure to Amplify’s excellent in house FlowTrader software. This allows individuals to act as Hedge Funds, Investment Banks or Portfolio Managers. It provided me with to experience interactions between the buy and sell-side, as well as appreciate the different types of actors that participate in financial markets and how information shapes financial markets.

The lectures were also extremely useful, covering everything from asset classes correlations all the way through to psychology of trading and everything in between. By being provided with a platform to put the lectures into practice, I learnt how to trade the news and data releases effectively.

What are you doing now?

I have just started as an Associate at S&P Global in the Global Market Intelligence division. The main element of my role involves aiding clients such as Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Asset Managers and Pension Funds, to name a few, to navigate and extract data from the S&P Global Market Intelligence product range including our benchmark Capital IQ software. I also assist in building financial models with clients using the S&P Global Market Intelligence software.

How did the Amplify experience help in the application process?

The Amplify experience was tremendously advantageous in attaining a job within one of the financial sectors biggest institutions. The programme allowed me to combine the economic knowledge that I obtained from my undergraduate degree with an opportunity to trade in financial markets in real time. The daily feedback that I received helped me improve my performance and technical understanding of the markets significantly. Perhaps more importantly, the programme has helped me identify the particular aspect on finance that I was passionate about and that my skills best suited; for me it was the analytical side.

During several interviews, I completed after graduation, employers were very impressed by my knowledge of financial markets and my unique experience on a live trading floor that Amplify provided. The Amplify experience also conditioned me to stay up-to-date with global market moving events driving financial markets.

Overall, I would recommend Amplify overwhelmingly to anyone.


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Anthony Cheung
Anthony is a leading market commentator with over a decade of experience accumulated as Head of Market Analysis at a leading news and analysis organisation, and now a Director of Amplify Trading.