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Amplify has created a ground breaking approach to capital markets training, now integral to many of the world’s largest financial institutions. AmplifyMe is a result of our continued investment in technology with the aim to disrupt traditional education, bridging the gap between theory and performance within financial market roles.

Innovation is core to what we do, and since 2018 we have been able to adapt our technology to generate individual technical and behavioural analysis as candidates experience different roles in finance. From Sales Trading, to Market Making, Risk Management and Asset Management, all main front-desk roles and asset classes are covered. Through the support of our partners Morgan Stanley, these simulations are now delivered at over 100 business schools and universities over one, or two, full-day events.

We believe this innovative approach can revolutionise graduate recruitment, helping firms find the right candidate for the right role without sifting through thousands of CV’s or relying on behavioural data collected from a short game or questions unassociated to the actual role in question. Most importantly, candidates get a practical understanding of what their day-to-day role would actually involve, helping them identify with greater conviction the specific role they can see themselves committing to long-term.

What is unique about AmplifyME, is the ability to measure so many different data points over such a long period of time. For example,  our technology measures how well a potential sales trader, or broker, uses voice versus typed communication, and how well they can use that communication to leverage client relationships. As this takes place over a full-day, or a series of days, we can provide our corporate partners with graduates who possess soft skills required in client facing roles. This can often be hard to find from initial CV review or telephone interview. 

Finally, given that we deliver our simulations to a diverse number of universities, both in the UK and abroad, it offers the opportunity for corporations to identify hidden talent that may have previously gone unnoticed when recruiting from the traditional pool of candidates. This ability helps to not only identify individuals best suited for the job but can also assist large institutions in diversifying their workforce to better represent the growing needs of their clients.

‘Banks Listen in on Phone Calls to Discover the Best Traders’ – Bloomberg, 8th December 2016

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