AmplifyME Announcement

We are bringing in two major changes to the practical programmes we deliver at universities all over the world that we think could further increase the value of this experience to both the student who desires a career in finance, and to their potential employer.

Throughout our software we are incorporating our own voice communication platform so we can analyse not only how the student performs with the platform, but also a great amount of detail on how they speak with clients and work with others in their team. We have learned from our corporate partners that they desire graduates who are able to possess the softer skills needed in client facing roles, but often it can be hard to find from the initial stage of CV review or phone interview.  Also, given we go to many universities that may not be on the banks radar, we can help the banks meet their diversity demands and be highlighted to talent they may have otherwise missed.

We help sponsor our multi-day role specific simulations at universities around the world, meaning the raw data on student performance in different financial roles is already available. Further, with the assistance of behavioural experts in London we are able to create a soft-skills and behavioural heat-map that can help identify aspects of character such as integrity and responsibility. 

The scale of this data gives any potential employer a valuable tool. For example a bank would be able to search our database database to be able to see the top 2% of sales trader students in Hong Kong, who graduate in 2017, and meet a set behavioural criteria.  This data will be freely available to selected employers.

‘Banks Listen in on Phone Calls to Discover the Best Traders’ – Bloomberg, 8th December 2016

Please fill out the below to receive a call on how the simulations can take place at your institution, or how as an employer the data can be accessed.