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“Innovation is core to what we do. Through the development of world class technology to help our traders perform, we also aim to disrupt conventional education in finance, making it engaging, practical, and relevant to the markets today”  MD, Will de Lucy

We believe in learning through experience. As financial markets change, and financial roles adapt, our simulations allow candidates to engage in the contemporary market environment.  We deliver practical experiences, combined with insightful technical and behavioural feedback to significantly increase the impact of financial training.

In 2015 The CFA Institute awarded our FlowTrader simulation first place in the IDEA global award (Innovative Delivery of Education Award).


FlowTrader allows candidates to understand the journey of a trade from different perspectives as they experience roles within a buy-side firm (the client) or a sales and trading (the bank). FlowTrader is the only simulation that will be different every time it is used, as prices, spreads and volatility become a function of user activity.

The platform highlights the importance of relationships and communication, generating excellent qualitative and quantitative feedback on behaviour, and can be tailored to show simulated or live prices, or even specific events. Click here for a platform overview.



Our ReTrader app is an excellent practical tool to engage candidates in today’s financial markets.  Rather than read the financial press, candidates can interact directly with the major market themes of the day, learning why the news or event had such an impact on market prices through clearly delivered preview and review videos.

ReTrader can be used in competition format and content can be selected according to learning objectives. Please contact us to see how the app can be tailored to you and change the way market theory is learned.


Asset management in practice with PMTrader. A fully interactive simulation that enables delegates to manage a portfolio of assets through historic and real market movements and economic cycles using an industry leading trading platform. The simulation can be set up for delegates to manage a global macro multi-asset fund or an equity-only fund with the ability to diversify across equity sectors.

The simulation begins with a detailed market briefing covering the economic situation before 12 months of real market movement then begins. Each quarter of data takes just 15 minutes, and as the major macro-eoconomic events unfold candidates can actively adjust their asset allocation accordingly.


Through our advanced virtual technology we can turn any computer cluster into a live trading floor where candidates execute on live market prices direct from the exchange. Combining the squawk and live video feed from our trading floor in London allows candidates to experience what it’s really like trading breaking market events.

LiveTrader is often used over a one week programme as we introduce a new asset class each day and the technology used to highlight behavioural factors on live trading decisions.

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“The institutional roles in which I interviewed for were fully aware of Amplify and the quality of training that I received so it acted as a great catalyst to discuss throughout the interview process.”

Davide Kotlar



“The internship experience at Amplify was incredibly useful in a number of ways. It definitely helped to bridge a clear gap between academic economics and what happens in real life.”

Dhinta Foster

Bank of America Merrill Lynch


“I have learned everything I know about finance and trading at Amplify, I turned up knowing absolutely nothing.”

Laurent McClintock

Proprietary trader